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What is ARTOI?

The Association for Integrative Oncologic Therapies Research (A.R.T.O.I.) is a no-profit association. A.R.T.O.I. is a multidisciplinary professional organization that studies, researches and applies the oncological treatments through the integrative use of different therapeutic approaches. Each option includes: botanical and natural products, nutrition, acupuncture, body-mind therapy and other complementary methods.

What is the purpose of ARTOI?

The purposes of A.R.T.O.I. is to disseminate among people knowledge of the latest techniques for the treatment of the neoplastic pathology.

Our mission is to study and research substances able to carry out good results to the problem of “tumor”.

When we say “research” we are talking about both activities research on the application of new molecules, methodologies for administering the drugs or integration among different treatment methodologies, and research on those drugs or molecules used abroad but still unknown in Italy.

What are Integrative oncologic therapies?

Integrative oncologic therapies mean a combined application of different methodologies both interventionist (surgery, radiotherapy, hyperthermia), pharmacological (chemiotherapy, immunotherapy, complementary support), dietetics and psychological aimed to improve the psychophysical condition of the patient and to increase the probability of positive results.

We say “integrative” therapies because they are part of the complex and definitive treatment of the neoplasy. Today these therapies are considered useful in the treatment of the neoplastic patient all over the world.

Integrative therapy is considered a key success factor in the struggle against tumors