Integrative Oncology Therapy Research Association
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Who we are

The team who founded the Association is composed by members with different specializations but all of them have in common the purpose to support the knowledge in cancer research in order to improve the results and progress in oncological field.

Unfortunately our purpose has not been always kept in the right consideration. But recently the matter aroused a more lively interest, probably because the integrated medicine is a reality carried out at the international level by the most famous oncological Associations. Our commitment is to disseminate among members and patients all our knowledge and professionalism.

Our Aims

The purpose of the Association is to collect different medical specializations (oncologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, nutritionists, immunologists and so on) with special knowledge in cancer research and to promote the development of work synergies.

The priority of this Association raises from the necessity to collect different cultures and oncologic experiences in order to compare their knowledge to give new ideas to different teams.

Finally the Association has to determine special methodologies and activities of support for oncological and professional training both medical and paramedical.

                                                                                         Complementary Medicine.


• The most important purpose of this Association is the treatment of the patient.

Our commitment is to preserve the individual as a person. We don’t have to treat the disease but the person with the disease. The focus is on the patient. We have to interact and to understand his disease.

• The purpose is to spread pharmacological and methodological scientific discoveries; the acquaintance and the support for the development of new protocols; the creation or identification of Centers for the application of these protocols.

• Our purpose is the protection and the preservation of the patients at risk and the patients with neoplasy.

Protection” means the reduction of the side effects of the “antiblastic” therapies.

Protection” means to reduce the possibility to have a relapse in the neoplastic pathology (metastatization) too. ”Prevention means to reduce the risk to contract the tumor, to have a better quality of life, to achieve knowledge able to improve our health.