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Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine is the controlled and scientifically approved use of health methodologies that usually are not considered as traditional therapy.

Integrative therapy is the use of these products with traditional medicine.

Complementary Medicine can be applied to the oncologic field and it can give a remarkable contribution in the fight against tumors.

Methodologies in the integrative therapies can be classified as follows:

– complementary and alternative systems (natural drugs)

– body-mind intervention

– biological drugs

– psychoncology

– modifiers of biologic response

Our purpose is to give the patient all useful information to follow the treatment at the best.

Besides we want our colleagues to know the new frontiers for diagnosis or what they will be in the next future.

Then, we would like to spread news about therapies patients can follow.

Our aim is to put our site at people disposal to let them know or simply to go into concepts and antitumor treatment methodologies thoroughly having often the opportunity to ask for explanations in order to obtain answers.

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