Massimo Bonucci, M.D.


  • Surgical Pathology- ORCHIDEA Lab in ROME;
  • Outpatient Oncology Department and Hyperthermia – VILLA BENEDETTA Hospital – Rome;
  • Founder and President ARTOI (Association Research for Integrative Oncology Treatments);
  • Member of S.I.O. (American Society for Integrative Oncology);
  • Member of International Association of Phatology – S.I.A.P.E.C. – Italian Division;
  • Professor of Integrative Oncology postgraduate program of G. D’Azelio University in Chieti (Italy);
  • Visiting Professor Zhejiang Chinese Medical University – Hongzhou – China

Short Biography

Prof. Massimo Bonucci M.D. is Chief of Clinical Pathology and Surgical Pathology and Outpatient Ongology in San Feliciano Hospital-Rome- Italy; he is member of IAP (International Academy of Pathology-Italian Division).

He focused his work to FNAC/FNAB to breast cancer; brain cancer and colon cancer.

For ten years he had collaborative experience with Dr. Nieper (late President German Society of Oncology); after he introduced the use and development of integrative medicine on cancer patients in Italy.

Graduated on Clinical Oncology from University of Pisa, he works as Consultant Oncologist for Integrative treatments to some Hospital in Rome (Italy).

He works as Consultant Oncologist and Surgical Pathologist with I.S.S. (National Health Service) in news research for integrative use from chemotherapy and natural medicaments.

Prof. Bonucci is founder and President of ARTOI (Associazione Ricerca Terapie Oncologiche Integrate) a non-profit organization, first in Italy, for to explain and to develop the Integrative medicine in cancer.

He use also complementary therapies and nutrition for prevention.

He is Professor of the G. Marconi University “Centro Studi Scienza della vita” in Rome, for Master in Integrative Oncology of postgraduate program.

He is Professor on University of Chieti for Master in Integrative Oncology of postgraduate program for the year 2017-2019.

He wrote a book “ Quello che mangi fa la differenza” who speaking about the integrative medicine and the nutrition.

He working for a book: Integrative Oncology in Italy.

He organized from 2009 to 2018 the International meeting of Integrative Oncology in Rome.

He is Visiting Professor at Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hongzhou, China