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What does integrative therapy in tumors means?

– The combined use of therapeutic aids (drugs + radiotherapy and/or hyperthermia)

What drugs are used?

– You can use natural drugs with antiblastic drugs

Also vitamins?

– yes

It is said that vitamins do improve the tumor, is it true?

– tumors are unable to use vitamins to grow, rather they use calories and complex proteins

The Natural drugs block or reduce chemotherapy activity?

– natural drugs increase the effect of chemotherapy and reduce its side effects

In what kind of cancer therapy is indicated the integrative therapy?

– in all types of cancer

Have any side effects?

– no, not one

What are the differences between traditional therapy and integrative therapy?

– none. Only the integrative therapy should be continued even after the end of chemotherapy

Prevention and protection, what do they mean?

– Prevention means reducing the incidence of cancer and relapses. Protection means more defenses against neoplasia

What are the general means of preventing neoplastic disease?

– Making appropriate screening, to live in healthy environments, healthy eating, physical activity and reduce stress.

In what kind of cancer is indicated hyperthermia?

– any solid cancer in each body system

When there is no ability to run applications of hyperthermia?

– when there is the presence of pleural effusion or ascites

And is it an invasive procedure?

– No, the heat is generated in-depth by means of probes applied on the skin of the patient at the sick organ

There are notable side effects?

– no, the procedure is harmless

Does it interfere with other treatments?

– no, indeed synergies the effect of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

How long does it take an application?

– An hour

A cycle consists of how many sessions?

– It is 10 sessions, repeatable

There is scientific evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of the treatment?

– Certainly, new studies are still ongoing for more efficacy data

How does the treatment against the tumor?

– Cancer cells are less equipped to normal, having aberrant cell membranes, to resist heat and therefore are driven to apoptosis (programmed cell death). In addition, the increased blood supply caused by local vasodilatation, which occurs during treatment, ease the distribution of chemotherapy. Not least is locally stimulated the immune system and cells already damaged by a possible radiotherapy treatment are being pushed more quickly to death.

After treatment do I have to stay away from other persons?

– absolutely not.

The local heating does not cause burns?

– The machine is equipped with sensors suitable for refrigerating and do not heat the surface but in depth. The presence of the operator allows to modulate the intensity of the radio and then the heat

I was diagnosed with lung cancer non-small cell. Seek immediate hyperthermia?

-It depends. The role of hyperthermia in these cases is reserved for the neoadjuvant therapy (i.e., before surgery to decrease the size of the mass, in combination with chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy) and therapy of metastatic lesions. The main role in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with surgery if it can be practiced. The complementary therapy reduces the side effects of chemotherapy

 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Who do I contact?

The size of the tumor and its local extent indicate whether or not to perform a neoadjuvant treatment. The reduction of the mass before operation can be very useful in the continuation of the history of the disease. Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the cornerstone for a non-metastatic breast cancer. Hyperthermia therapy is indicated in the neoadjuvant (before surgery) and in cases where the disease has given rise to metastases. The integrative therapy is to reduce the incidence of relapses and is recommended after all the indicated treatments

I have a rectal cancer. What to do?

Consider combined therapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hyperthermia before surgery. By reducing the mass the surgery is easier and less burdened with local recurrence. Then you can evaluate a systemic chemotherapy. The integrative therapy can reduce the after-effects and the incidence of relapse. Hyperthermia on metastatic sites.

I have a liver tumor with many nodules. Hyperthermia is indicated?

Certainly yes. Alone or as adjunct to other therapies when it is possible to do them. Integration with enzyme drugs could be a solution.

I have a colon cancer. Who do I contact?

Firstly the surgeon to remove. Then the oncologist will consider adjuvant chemotherapy. The complementary therapy with natural drugs reduces relapses incidence. Hyperthermia is reserved for cases with metastatic involvement of the peritoneum.

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