I ARTOI congress

I International meeting


Fight against tumors and neoplastic stem cells

The international reality and the prospects in Italy

Chamber of Deputies – Refectory Room – Via del Seminario, 76

Rome, December 12, 2009

Integrative oncology is a medicine based on scientific evidence that integrative conventional pathways with other methodologies in order to intensify the effectiveness of the treatment, improve the control of symptoms, and reduce the suffering of patients. It is a patient-friendly medicine. Conventional therapeutic strategies are not always enough to defeat tumors, and some help can come from their integration with the use of natural substances and non-invasive methodologies. Furthermore, the discoveries on neoplastic stem cells reinforce the need to define the molecular mechanisms underlying the strategies implemented by the neoplasm in order to combat it more effectively. In addition to curing, it is also necessary to prevent to reduce the incidence of cancer, limiting exposure to carcinogens, recognizing genetic damage, using natural agents and foods rich in protective elements. Prevention and protection are essential elements of Integrative Oncology. In Italy, the individual companies that operate integrative treatments too often find obstacles mainly due to ‘cultural’ barriers while in the USA there has been since 2003 the Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO). To have met Professor Salem, a person in whom professionalism and humanity coexist, has been instrumental for the birth of the first Italian Society of Integrative Oncology.