II ARTOI congress

II international meeting
From research to therapy
Chamber of Deputies – Palazzo Marini, Conference Room – Via del Pozzetto, 158
Rome, November 19th 2010

The fight against cancer must embrace various medical branches: surgery, internal medicine, neuropsychology, immunology, oncology. The contribution of scientific research is also fundamental, because of the study of the processes underlying the neoplastic transformation and second for the definition of the mechanisms of action of the substances used in oncology therapy. The factors that can help the patient to improve their well-being and their health are multiple and, in addition to oncological pharmacology, the benefits brought by natural substances that perform actions or immunomodulatory or activation of cell defense systems are evident. The interaction between biological drugs, antiblastic drugs, and/or natural drugs is not only possible but often successful. Resveratrol, curcumin, Epigallocatechin Gallate  (EGCG), inositol, and lactoferrin are nothing more than small examples of natural drugs that have already had the honor to be mentioned in a scientific report. The metabolic pathways and their intracellular enzymatic actions are very well known properties of these drugs. Integrative oncology has, among its main objectives, to use its experience to disseminate this knowledge. The Association for Research on Integrative Oncological Therapies (ARTOI) was born for this purpose.

Here are all the video recordings of the congress:

 morning – part 1 of 5

morning – part 2 of 5

morning – part 3 of 5

morning – part 4 of 5

morning – part 5 of 5


Afternoon – part 1 of 4

Afternoon – part 2 of 4

Afternoon – part 3 of 4

Afternoon – part 4 of 4


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