III ARTOI congress

III International Congress
Research – Treatments – Clinical Evidence
Chamber of Deputies – Palazzo Marini, Conference Room – Via del Pozzetto, 158
Rome, 2-3 December 2011

These are two days of scientific study on the most innovative applications in the field of personalized adjuvant treatments. These do not replace the “conventional” ones, but increase their effectiveness, to improve the patient’s quality of life. Personalization of care is now the frontier of the fight against cancer. We must consider every person who gets sick must in all its complexity and uniqueness. Only in this way can the bases of the disease be eradicated “, explains the oncologist and pathologist Massimo Bonucci, president of ARTOI. During the first day, major innovations and best practices in Integrative Oncology will be addressed, while the second day will be dedicated to clinical evidence. Prestigious researchers from the United States, Argentina, Spain, Israel, Holland, Japan, and China will confront Italian researchers to create a scientific network that allows sharing data and experiences in order to improve treatments for patients. This III Congress will also have an important session dedicated to “Nutrition in Oncology” with the creation of the first workshop, which will see the participation of patients and health professionals. Not only novelties in research and therapies, therefore, but also a new cultural approach to oncological disease.

Here are all the video recordings of the congress:

day 1 – morning – 1 of 3

day 1 – morning – 2 of 3

day 1 – morning – 3 of 3

day 1 – afternoon – 1 of 4

day 1 – afternoon – 2 of 4

day 1 – afternoon – 3 of 4

day 1 – afternoon – 4 of 4

Workshop about nutrition: 1 of 3

>Workshop about nutrition: 2 of 3

>Workshop about nutrition: 3 of 3

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