4th ARTOI Congress

4th International Congress


Research – Clinical Evidence – Prevention – IntegrativeTreatments

Rospian Palace, Statue Hall – Via XXIV May, 43

Rome, November 16-17, 2012

The 4th Congress provides two days full of appointments dedicated to patient well-being, innovation, therapeutic integration in oncology and prevention in the field, starting with nutrition, which in the cancer patient plays a fundamental role against relapse and to help therapies. ARTOI guidelines on nutrition will be presented because, as Dr Bonucci, ARTOI President, argues, ‘we cannot overlook the need for prevention, as food causes at least 37 of the most serious diseases, including cancers. The same food, or rather, some foods, can help the patient heal faster or with less fatigue‘. The Congress will see the participation of some of the leading international and national experts in integrative care, who will present the results of their work that include studies on the therapeutic role of nanotechnology in integrative oncology therapy, cancer stem cells, hyperthermia, thermoablation, cyberknife, radiometabolic therapy, but also studies on phytotherapy, acupuncture, music therapy, mindfullness, omefullness.

Here are the congressional videos:

Day 1: 1 of 9

Day 1: 2 of 9

Day 1: 3 of 9

Day 1: 4 of 9

Day 1: 5 of 9

Day 1: 6 of 9

Day 1: 7 of 9

Day 1: 8 of 9

Day 1: 9 of 9

Day 2

Nutrition Workshops

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