IX ARTOI congress

I International Conference of the Traditional Acupuncture School of the city of Florence (9th ARTOI International Congress)
The central brain and the peripheral brains
Congress Palace, Piazza Adua 1
Florence, 23-25 March 2018

Modern medicine, in particular in the treatment of cancer, is developing based on synergies in which therapy is the result of increasingly complex and heterogeneous alliances focused on the well-being of the sick person. On this basis, the Traditional Acupuncture School of Florence, the Tuscan Center of the Local Health Unit, the Oncology Network, the Institute of Prevention and Research (ISPRO) and ARTOI have jointly organized this event. Internationally renowned oncologists, researchers, and experts in integrative medicine, who for decades have supported a rigorous and open scientific approach to cancer and above all shared by principal health agencies such as the WHO and the NHI of the United States, will meet to discuss therapies supplements for cancer patients. This approach is continuously confirmed by scientific research. The best cancer hospitals like New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center have provided a paradigm and example for others. Likewise, the Tuscany Region offers safe and evidence-based CM therapies in an integrative way for cancer patients treated by the regional health system. All of these results were made possible by the constant commitment and cooperation between the Oncology Network, the Institute of Prevention and Research (ISPRO), and the regional center of integrative medicine.