Natural drugs

A long time has been born a huge interest in the use of natural extracts for the prevention and treatment of diseases including cancer. Many components of the diet, in fact, contain “natural drugs”, that is molecules (active ingredients) that have beneficial effects on our health.

By natural medicines, we mean a series of medicines coming from animal or vegetable original foods that help the body to keep healthy or to cure illnesses.

In the medical field these substances have proved to be excellent allies for various purposes:

      • to counteract tiredness
      • to recover after an illness
      • to stimulate the immune system
      • to pass nausea, bad digestion, stomach pain, gastritis
      • to fight infections
      • to report blood test results in normal intervals
      • to treat cough, sore throat, cold and flu
      • to reduce skin redness, skin irritations, and dermatitis
      • to delay aging processes

In addition to therapeutic purposes, these substances are extremely useful also for preventive purposes.

In the oncology field they have proved to be an excellent aid:

      • to reduce the side effects of antiblastic therapies
      • to work in synergy with chemotherapy and radiation therapy against cancer

The substances responsible for all these health effects are extracted from the plant or animal of origin and they may be present on market in the form of food supplements which in turn have different formulations: capsules, tablets, liquids, or powders.

Very often it is believed that since they are natural drugs they are completely free from health risk. This is not true, in fact, there are many substances that if taken in wrong doses can give side effects or even go to interfere with traditional drugs (including chemotherapy), increasing or reducing their pharmacological effect.