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We publish the note of Prof. Massimo Bonucci about the article “Ipilimumab” on the “Daily Health”

Here it is my comment on the article came out in April about the monoclonal antibody “Ipilimumab”.
It’s a very important signal on the path of integration between therapies. Ipilimumab stimulates so much T4 lymphocytes that attack all “foreign” cells of our body; it means that the combined use with an antineoplastic such as Fotemustine may increase the action.
That’s what we say when speaking about the Immune System to increase the feedback by using anticancer drugs.

This can be done with a monoclonal antibody, the Ipilimumab or with other natural substances, such as the mistletoe, the micotherapy, the low dose immune therapy or the microimmunetherapy.
The difference is the rapidity of the response which is greater with the monoclonal antibody and the side effects which are more with the latter.
The continuous use of natural immune stimulants could be the path after cycles use of the monoclonal antibody.
Massimo Bonucci M.D.
President A.R.T.O.I.


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