Integrative Oncology Therapy Research Association
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For patients

Our Association wants to be a way for you to have the most comprehensive answer to your questions or requests for help. It wants to give, with its professionalism, all the tools to deal with, fight and win the battle against cancer.

Any information you may receive are not only evaluated by our experts, but most often they are the result of our international studies or come by our international oncologists colleagues collaborating with us.

Our Association wants to help you to be more aware of your chances of having had and chose the best treatment for the disease you are suffering, because our philosophy is the man with the disease and not the human disease.

For all your requests there will be an answer; for all your questions we will try, wherever possible, to give certainty, so that you can consider yourself cured and supported in your path.

If you want to start a therapeutic course with ARTOI you can start now, with our first contact form.