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Ricerca Terapie Oncologiche IntegrateAs for the research, our Association is in the field with numerous studies that include:

– biological drugs
– natural drugs
– administering methods
– application methods
– neoplastic stem cells
– pharmacogenomics

For each of these studies is to identify what may be the most active drugs, with low or no side effects. Their pharmacokinetics, their best route of administration and dose, interactions and synergies with existing and used drugs.

As regards the administering methods we recommend the most suitable for each patient and each type of malignant disease, the limits of each and raise awareness of the latest (Chronomodulated Metronomic, Fractional, Soft-dose).

The administering methods are concerned specifically with the ability to integrate the various combinations of drugs in combination with instrument applications (RT + hyperthermia, CHT + RT, CHT + hyperthermia, etc. ..). In this section you will find innovative methods including those relating to the Minimally Invasive and Robotic surgery or Stereotactic Radiosurgery (Cyberknife).

The chapter on cancer stem cells is of special scientific interest and application. It is our most advanced research, the colleague who is the creator is also one of the founders of the Association.

Within this section you will find our most important basic research studies and all the international studies that are being used on patients.