VII ARTOI congress

VII international Congress
Integration and oncological nutrition
Convention Center “Polar Star”
Milan, 25-25 June 2015

The VII International Congress of Integrative Oncology organized by ARTOI will take place as part of the VI Review of Planet Nutrition and Integration in the Rho-Pero exhibition center in Milan. The topics covered, integrative therapy, and nutrition in oncology will be presented and discussed by Italian and foreign scholars, the latter representing the most critical Oncological Centers in the world (America, Argentina, Austria, Canada, China, Korea, Japan, England, Israel). The conference will address the issues of nutrition in oncology, its implications in the therapeutic field, its usefulness for healing; guidelines on how to eat, what to eat and why to give up certain foods during antiblastic treatments; the importance of milk and bread, additional supplements to our life. The event will provide an upgrade on the different therapeutic realities worldwide in the oncology field. The various speakers will also bring their experience to the round table scheduled for the afternoon of June 25, where they will talk about ‘Impact of integrative therapy in oncology: current and future perspectives.’ During the conference will be presented research on childhood obesity conducted on 3,000 children of the Lazio Region and the all-Italian study on the new anticancer potential of an indigenous Italian plant.

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