VIII ARTOI congress

I USL Toscana Centro – ITT – ARTOI Company Conference (8th ARTOI International Congress)
From research to integration into health services
Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento, Piazza della Signoria
Florence, 11 November 2016
Istituto Degli Innocenti, Piazza SS. Annunziata
Florence, 12-13 November 2016

Integrative oncology is an internationally consolidated reality in the clinic and research, made up of structures, centers, experiences, and concrete activities of doctors and researchers. All of this knowledge will be presented, discussed, and made available to participants during this international event. The congress, promoted by the Azienda USL Toscana Centro and by ARTOI, in collaboration with the Istituto Toscano Tumori, is an opportunity to promote the exchange of knowledge, the development of integration, to draw new perspectives in the care pathways in the within the Comprehensive Cancer Network and to create a network that connects all the realities that pursue integrative oncology experiences in the world. The congress presents the latest results of experimental and clinical research intending to define effective, sustainable and integrative therapeutic protocols for the cancer patient in the context of Supportive Cancer Care, with the ultimate aim of enhancing the daily commitment alongside patients of cancer, explore new frontiers and design new solutions.


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