I ISS – ARTOI integrated oncology conference (5th International Congress)

Translational medicine: from the laboratory to clinical evidence

Higher Institute of Health – Viale regina Elena 299

Rome, 6-7 November 2013

As part of the event, we will discuss scientific aspects related to “integrated” cancer therapies. By integrated oncology we mean the combined application of methods, whether interventional (surgery, radiotherapy, hyperthermia), pharmacological (chemotherapy, immunotherapy, complementary support), or dietetic and psychological, aimed at improving the psychophysical state and quality of life of the patient, as well as to increase the probability of positive responses.  We will dedicate two days to the presentation of research aimed at the application of oncological treatments carried out through the integrated use of multiple therapeutic options. All those studies will allow acquiring knowledge in the fields (i) of cancer prevention, with particular reference to nutrition, the immune system, and the microbiota; (ii) research relating to the use of new molecules, different ways or methods of drug administration, or integration between various treatment methods, drugs or molecules; (iii) the results obtained in the clinic through the application of oncological treatments through the integrated use of multiple therapeutic options. The “integrated” cancer therapies in the world today are considered necessary in the management of the cancer patient, in order to improve care and quality of life. Results obtained with the use of these therapies have, in some cases, favored the optimization of the therapy associated with a satisfactory reduction in the costs for the NHS.